y’all better appreciate what I do for you

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screw anatomy, amirite? 

I finally made a post, you can’t hate me anymore

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If you came to this blog looking for colored art then boy are you in the wrong place

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I finally drew something

Hopefully this is the beginning of a beautiful season of more porn

but I’m busy as fuck so probs not, sorry

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“When you’re around me,
if you can find him, I’d like you
to be yourself. You worry,
I can see it in your eyes,
that I’ll be offended
by the ‘you’ nobody knows,
but you needn’t be.

You needn’t worry because
you don’t have the tools to offend me, dear.
But you do have the tools
to sew me in my place,
to wrap me up in my own skin,
to press me up against my own walls
and do what you want with me.

I can see that in your eyes, too,
back there behind the vanilla pudding
and white bread and soft lip kisses.
I see you in there, pacing the back wall,
growling in the back of your throat
when you think I’m not near enough to hear.
I see you and I’m not going anywhere.

Let him come. Let him come and get me.” — Peregrine (via youreyesblazeout)